Terry's Bayside Getaway

Harbour Main, Newfoundland, Canada

1-House long 2-In the backyard 3-Looking inland 4-View from the living room 5-Harbour rainbow 6-Harbour sunset

Things to Do

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Food & Drink, Gasoline

  • Basic groceries can be found around the corner at Kennedy's Store, at Flynn's in Avondale and at the Needs Store in Holyrood. Flynn's and Needs also sell wine and spirits. Dawe's in Holyrood sells fresh seafood and meats. For supermarkets, you can choose Dominion or Sobey's in Conception Bay South, or Dominion or Powell's in Bay Roberts.
  • There are a few eateries in the vicinity. In Holyrood are The Pantry (bakery and sandwich shop), Wong's (Chinese), The Tea Garden (upscale, summer only), and fast food outlets Mary Brown's and Subway. The Avondale Railway Station Express Diner is an interesting seasonal choice.
  • You'll find a drinking establishment or two in each community in the area. These vary in ambience.
  • The nearest gas station is in North Arm, Holyrood. Another one close by is in Avondale. If you need a taxi, try Tobin's at 229-7017.

Walking, Hiking, Swimming, Golf

  • View from Gasters
  • On the trail to the Lighthouse
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  • A walk up Merner's Lane will take you to the base of Sue's Mountain, and give you a great view out the harbour. Hickey's Road and Holden's Road are also popular walking choices.
  • Stroll down Harbour Drive to see the stately St. Peter and Paul Church, built by local artisans. Carry on down the road until you come to Gallows Cove then head up the trail to The Lighthouse. The trail winds its way through forest and meadows with spectacular views of Conception Bay. At the lighthouse, throw down your blanket and contemplate nature's beauty.
  • Or you can veer left onto Ballfield Road to get to Gasters. Take a walk on the trail along side and overlooking beautiful Conception Bay. Enjoy the unspoiled landscape and gorgeous scenery as far as the eye can see. Take a closer look, and in season, feast on one of nature's greatest treats - fresh blueberries!
  • Just around the corner from Terry's Bayside Getaway, cool off in The Tide, a natural swimming pool very popular with the kids. As well, the Holy Cross pool in Holyrood is another great spot for family swims and picnics.
  • For you golfers, The Willows at Holyrood is a beautiful 9 hole golf course just a ten minute drive from Terry's Bayside Getaway. About 30 minutes away, The Wilds at Salmonier River is considered one of most challenging 18 hole courses in the province. Pitcher's Pond is a 9 hole course located about 60 minutes from Terry's Bayside Getaway. The course is set among the hills overlooking beautiful Trinity Bay and the spectacular scenery of Pitcher's Pond.

Driving Tours

  • A drive west on Route 60 will take you to Brigus and Cupids, and further along, the town of Harbour Grace. Day trippers may want to venture to historic Trinity Bay.
  • The Irish Loop is a popular day trip. Another is a trip to St. John's to see Cabot Tower.
  • The provincial government tourist site has a comprehensive list of scenic tours.

Historic Towns & Sites

  • Cape Spear - Easternmost point in North Amerca
  • Cabot Tower, Signal Hill, St. John's
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  • Those looking for a bit of history can start with a walk to the old cemetery in town - just take the short trail behind the Post Office to view headstones that are centuries old.
  • To the west, the town of Brigus is famous as the birthplace of Arctic navigator Sir Robert Bartlett. Cupids was settled by John Guy in 1610. Further along Route 60 is Harbour Grace, once the head of the parish containing Harbour Main, where Terry's were found as early as 1774.
  • On the Southern Shore, the Colony of Avalon displays artifacts of the early settlement of that area by Irish emigrants.
  • On a trip to St. John's, stop by Signal Hill, whose Cabot Tower was the site of Marconi's first transatlantic radio broadcast.

Local Festivals and Events

  • During the summer, most local communities have a Garden Party featuring games of chances and turkey teas. Watch for road signs.
  • Also popular are the Holyrood Squid Festival and the Brigus Blueberry Festival, to name but two.
  • The provincial government tourist site is a great reference.

Whales, Birds, Icebergs

  • Whale and Iceberg
  • Puffin - Newfoundland's Bird
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  • While it is not uncommon to spot whales or icebergs in Conception Bay, most visitors set out for the Southern Shore where the scene is much busier. There are organized boat and kayak tours that will take you among the whales and near to the icebergs. Some also venture close to the bird colonies found on nearby islands.
  • A good source of iceberg location information, in season is IcebergFinder.com
  • The Salmonier Nature Park, located about a 30 minute drive away, is very popular with the kids. Within the park, 84 species of birds, 15 species of mammals and over 170 species of vascular plants have been recorded. Many of the animals are in large natural enclosures scattered along the park's boardwalk trail.

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